McLain, PC's business litigation practice reflects its commitment to solid communication with value-based results. The firm regularly litigates matters crossing a broad range of commercial and business litigation problems which include breach of contract litigation; employment disputes; partnership disputes and dissolutions; intellectual property claims (including trademark infringement, licensing disputes); trade secret violations; and general contract matters.

Our firm adopts a collaborative and customized approach to each individual matter. We recognize that different outcomes are desired by different clients and as presented by the individual matter. Our firm represents companies of all sizes from the sole proprietor to multi-million dollar corporations with hundreds of employees. If necessary, we regularly take cases through trial and adopt the approach that the client should always leave feeling that their goals have been achieved.

We consistently work hands-on with our clients to quickly assess the merits of the potential claim and develop the proper strategy appropriate for the circumstance. We pay particular attention to such issues as the time, expense, outcome probability, impact, and effort involved in order to provide our clients with realistic and accurate expectations. This fosters the relationship and provides the client with invaluable planning tools.

Examples of matters handled by our firm include:

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