Many of our business clients are involved in the licensing of corporate or celebrity marks/copyrights associated with their brand. We also assist manufacturers and designers who are interested in producing products under the licensed mark/copyright on behalf of a particular celebrity or brand.

The primary purpose of a trademark or copyright is to distinguish the goods or services, or artistic works, of one business from that of another. The value of this right is harmed if another utilizes the trademark or copyright without the permission of the intellectual property owner. Therefore, a well-planned and thoughtfully negotiated license agreement provides benefit to both the licensor and licensee and permits the owner to expand its brand into new categories of products and markets.

A licensing agreement is simply a partnership between the intellectual property rights owner (licensor) and the authorized (licensee) who is granted permission to utilize the intellectual property rights in exchange for an agreed payment (fee or royalty). There are a variety of licensing agreements that we assist clients with, including:

In addition to assisting clients at the inception of the licensing phase, we regularly provide litigation and enforcement services in the event there is a dispute concerning the partnership. These services often include:

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