Unfortunately, partnerships, LLCs, and shareholder arrangements do not always work out as planned. Our firm has represented business partners in a wide range of disputes including failed business ventures, fraud, professional partnerships, and family businesses. These disputes have included partners who were defrauded by members in control of partnership assets or those who were wrongfully ousted from the business based on those in control.

The sources of these disputes are voluminous: differing opinions, large egos, declining revenues, disagreements over business decisions, or simply poor planning of partnership agreements that did not adequately anticipate the present situation. Our firm has extensive experience in representing parties in these disputes, as well as avoiding these disputes through proper planning and drafting of partnership agreements.

We often bring parties together to resolve their differences and work out a new arrangement. In the event this is not possible, we protect our client's interests while working out the details of a dissolution.

The matters that we handle include the following on behalf of partnership businesses and LLCs:

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