Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination, prohibited by federal, state and local laws. It includes conduct such as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and verbal and physical harassment that is sexual in nature. The law protects both male and female employees from sexual harassment, regardless of whether the harasser is of the same sex or the opposite sex. Sexual harassment is often categorized in one of two ways: quid pro quo sexual harassment or hostile environment.

Quid pro Quo sexual harassment translates into "this for that." In other words, quid pro quo harassment occurs when a supervisor threatens or makes promises in exchange for sexual contact or a personal encounter. Hostile Environment sexual harassment occurs when the workplace becomes so pervasive of sexual matters that it becomes hostile or interferes with the employee's ability to perform the functions of the job.

Sexual harassment often comes in different forms and may consist of the following: receiving unwelcome sexual advances from a supervisor; inappropriate touching; questions or comments about your clothing, your body, or your sex life; sexual jokes or offensive remarks; threats of demotion or termination for refusal to partake in a date of sexual contact, sexual displays in the workplace or circulation of sexual email communications.

Our sexual harassment representation includes the following:

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